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WDS Intelligent Medical Technology (Huzhou)Co.,Ltd.

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Brief for company 

WDS Intelligent Medical Technology(Huzhou)Co.,Ltd is the subsidiary company belong to Shenzhen WDS Automation Device Co.,Ltd. WDS (Huzhou) was founded in Oct,10,2016,located in Huzhou city,it’s near Hangzhou,the transportation is very convenience. 

Our company is a research and development,manufacturing,sales, service for intelligent medical sterilizer of environment. Also including the pipe sterilization system, intelligent testing equipment for laboratory, packaging equipment for biochip. We are the advanced technology and private enterprise, which combined the public health service , sterilization technology , consult service,developing software in one.  

We are committed to the development of completely independent intellectual property rights,high technology content,the products based on high-quality raw materials,excellent product design,precision processing and perfect quality management,service for foreign and domestic. 

At present our product is the fourth vapor hydrogen peroxide sterilizer in international, which have approved by authority organization,and have put on records of health and safety evaluate in country.


Service Items





  • Core technology independently and expand application for sterilization-approved a number of patent in domestic.

  • Conform to the International Green Environment ’s requirement,policy,residue-free after sterilization and without damage for electronic equipment. 

  • Conformed the advanced technology-

  • Achieved advanced technology of the fourth environment sterilization,

  • Exceed the fourth application.

  • Conformed Bio-medical developing of trend.

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